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5 Practical Things to Consider When Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

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Making the transition to a senior living community can certainly feel overwhelming. There is a lot to consider and keep track of as you make your way throughout the process. However, we here at The Parkdale want you to have the smoothest move possible. That is why we have provided a list of five practical things to consider when moving to our senior living community in Macomb. Keep reading to learn more!

1.) Manage and delegate responsibilities.

When moving to a senior living community, it oftentimes means downsizing for your senior loved one. After all, it’s pretty easy to acquire quite a bit of stuff in roughly sixty or so years. While this can take a huge emotional toll, it is best to follow the old advice of eating an elephant one bite at a time. Splitting up and delegating various responsibilities is also a good way to go.

  • Take things slow.

You don’t have to start off with the main living quarters or kitchen! Begin by filtering through the bathroom or even the guest bedroom. Odds are good that these rooms won’t be home to as many sentimental or keepsake items. Plus, knocking these out will help to provide a sense of accomplishment which will serve as motivation to keep going.

  • Categorize items.

Even if there is an item your senior hasn’t used in years, it might feel important to them on the basis that it’s sentimental in some way. However, the idea of donating something can take some of the sting off, rather than just throwing it away. Create a couple of different piles based on ‘donate’ or ‘throw out’. Remember to be gentle when going through the process and provide your senior with a lot of encouragement.

  • Keep heirlooms close.

An item doesn’t have to be a priceless diamond necklace or a crystal vase to be considered as an heirloom. Anything that is important and has sentimental value to the senior can fit this description. If there is something truly special about an item they want to give away, make sure that it goes to a close friend or family member to bring about peace of mind. Knowing that something important is with someone important is what matters most. 

2.) Seek professional help.

If your senior parent or loved one lives in another state or across the country, it can be difficult to be there with them through the entirety of the moving process. However, you can still provide support by helping to hire a moving manager. These are professionals who specialize in helping seniors downsize and pack up their belongings. Consider one of these resources if you can’t be available in person. This will provide you with some reassurance that your loved one is in good hands.

3.) Accommodate your senior during transportation.

If our senior living community in Macomb is more than a quick car ride away, it is probably best to plan ahead for the journey. Depending on your senior’s medical needs, there are some things you will need to take into account. 

For example:

  • Will you need to factor in frequent restroom breaks?
  • Does your senior need to take medication at a certain time? Do these meds require them to eat first before they can be taken?
  • Would medical transport be best, especially if your senior needs to be monitored for oxygen levels or other health concerns?

Each individual is different and making the transition is not one size fits all! Talk things through with your senior and other trusted family members. This will help you to draw up the best possible plan of action. The smoother the trip, the better your senior will feel when they arrive.

4.) Make the senior living community in Macomb feel like home.

If there is one thing that helps ease the raw emotion of moving to a new place, it’s bringing pieces along that can make the space feel like home. It is only natural to feel connected to various personal items, such as having a favorite blanket or pillow, as well as pictures and keepsakes from family and friends. 

If possible, organize their new room or apartment the same way they had it at home. For example, if they liked sleeping on a certain side of the bed. Or maybe like sitting in a recliner to watch TV or sew. Keeping some of these things in mind when getting your loved one set up will make all the difference in how quickly they can get settled.

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5.) Talk about the benefits of their new home.

Oftentimes, we can get stuck on the negatives, especially if moving was something your senior loved one was initially resistant to. To counter this and keep the negative feelings at bay, it can be beneficial to talk about all the good things about the senior living community in Macomb. 

For your senior, this can mean any number of things. Are they a social person who enjoys making new friends? Point out the fact that they will be surrounded by like-minded folks their own age that they can connect with. Or perhaps if they are big into doing crafts or gardening, highlight the fun activities that are planned as part of the weekly calendar. There are certainly many more positives than negatives when moving to The Parkdale!

Wrap Up

We know that moving can be tough, even when you’re coming to a great place such as our senior living community in Macomb. However, being prepared in advance is going to be the best way to ensure a smooth transition for all parties involved. While you want your senior loved one to feel taken care of and treated well, it’s also important to note that caregivers are a huge part of that process and deserve to feel some peace of mind, too. 

Take these practical tips and apply them as you transition! While there are bound to be hiccups or issues that crop up, keeping these tips in mind will go a long way.

Written by The Parkdale

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