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When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

A happy older adult woman looking at a notebook with an assisted living staff.

As we age, daily tasks that were once simple and easy can become increasingly more burdensome. Housekeeping, grocery shopping, and laundry can go from simple to difficult. It’s time to consider assisted living when your loved one can no longer comfortably manage living on their own.  Assisted living communities offer laundry service, building maintenance, housekeeping, […]

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Outfit Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

A senior woman wearing a white t-shirt and a dark grey sweater as she sits and sips a cup of coffee.

Fashion should never be restricted by age or circumstances. As a senior in your life transitions into assisted living facilities, maintaining a sense of style and personal expression becomes even more crucial. However, comfort should always be included in the discussion. It can be extremely helpful to prioritize things like: By consciously choosing outfit ideas […]

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When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care?

A senior woman in a sweater puts the heel of her palms on her forehead as she suddenly remembers something important after seeing a reminder on a small sticky note.

Your healthcare needs may become more complex as you age. Challenges may include developing memory-related conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  While assisted living can provide a level of support for loved ones, there may come a time when memory care is necessary. There is no rule on when to move from assisted living […]

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