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Posture Exercises for Seniors

A senior man and a senior woman with white hair doing posture exercise while at home.

Maintaining good posture is vital for people of all ages. And can also support a higher quality of life for older adults in retirement.  Poor posture can lead to back pain, reduced flexibility, and decreased balance. But posture exercises for older adults with slow, controlled movements can help prevent posture and balance problems. On-site health […]

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Want to Improve Senior Health? 5 Noteworthy Benefits of Walking

Exercise is essential to maintaining health regardless of age. It can help you to maintain weight, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and so much more! Though for many seniors, the idea of exercising might seem intimidating due to mobility issues or concerns about falling. That being said, you don’t have to hit up the […]

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Rest and Retirement: How to Help Older Adults Get Better Sleep at Night

Being able to get good, quality sleep at night shouldn’t just be a dream – it should be a reality. Each and every night, millions of Americans struggle with getting enough sleep and yes, this does include older adults. Without enough sleep, we can begin to feel sluggish, fatigued, unmotivated and sometimes even a bit […]

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