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12 Meaningful Activities Perfect for Seniors in Dementia Memory Care

People who live with Alzheimer’s or dementia can lack stimulation which can lead to boredom. This is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in. Therefore it’s essential to provide things to do that are engaging and bring happiness to those who live with dementia and Alzheimers. Memory care in Michigan provides these activities automatically. Activities that stimulate […]

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The 7 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors in Independent Living

We made it through 2021 and are now approaching 2022.  With the help of vaccines, some of the worst effects of the pandemic were mitigated. However, that doesn’t mean we should start ignoring our personal health goals. No matter how tough things have been, now is the time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions […]

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How To Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

As you age, you notice lapses in memory, difficulty in socialization, and learning new things.  Did you know that some parts of our body or brain develop atrophy because you’re not using it as much as you should? So while aging contributes to some cognitive decline, it’s inactivity that makes you mentally and physically rusty. Not […]

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7 Engaging Activities for Seniors in Dementia Memory Care

Dementia is a debilitating illness that profoundly affects a senior’s physical, mental, and social aspects. For starters, the disease affects one’s memory and other cognitive skills, making it difficult to go back to their favorite hobbies. As the symptoms get severe, seniors would tend to withdraw from social interactions and even the activities they once […]

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