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7 Engaging Activities for Seniors in Dementia Memory Care

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A group of seniors making a painting as a part of their art class in memory care.

Seniors in memory care face unique challenges, but there are many activities that can help them stay engaged and active. Socialization, physical activity, and mental stimulation are all important components of healthy, active lifestyles for seniors in memory care.

7 engaging activities we recommend for seniors in memory care include: 

  • Music therapy
  • Art classes
  • Physical activity
  • Group activities
  • Afternoon tea
  • Browsing photo albums & scrapbooking
  • Gardening

Through meaningful activities, seniors in memory care can stay engaged and active while enjoying the company of others.

Engaging Activities for Seniors in Dementia Memory Care

  1. Music Therapy

Research has shown that the benefits of music therapy can have a profound effect on seniors living with dementia. 

By engaging in various music activities, such as listening to familiar songs or even creating new melodies, seniors can experience a multitude of benefits. Music therapy not only helps stimulate cognitive function but can also enhance social connections and may help reduce stress. 

Through this enjoyable and meaningful form of self-expression, seniors have the opportunity to tap into their creativity and connect with their emotions on a deeper level. The power of music can truly shine in the realm of memory care, offering a therapeutic and enriching experience.

  1. Art Classes

The benefits of art classes for seniors include helping seniors living with dementia express themselves in creative and fulfilling ways. Engaging in artistic activities can stimulate imaginations and spark joy, allowing seniors to explore their emotions and thoughts through various art forms. 

Moreover, these classes can contribute to creating lasting memories and provide a sense of connection to meaningful passions, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment. By embracing the therapeutic benefits of art, seniors can embark on a meaningful journey of self-expression and personal growth.

  1. Physical Activities
A group of seniors practising a yoga pose in their yoga class.

Engaging in various physical activities, such as gentle swimming sessions and calming yoga classes, can significantly contribute to improving the physical health of seniors with dementia. Regular exercise not only helps enhance physical well-being but can also help keep the brain active and alert, fostering cognitive vitality

For seniors in memory care seeking an immersive and refreshing experience, engaging in yoga or tai chi may be a calming experience that also helps maintain balance and stability.

  1. Group Activities

Playing board games, attending hobby classes, or even just watching movies with other people are some of the engaging activities that can significantly contribute to helping seniors with dementia stay socially connected. 

These group activities not only provide opportunities for social interaction but may also stimulate the mind and help keep seniors engaged in conversations, problem-solving, and creative expression with others.

  1. Afternoon Tea

Tea parties and afternoon tea gatherings can be highly engaging and meaningful activities for seniors in memory care. A regular social gathering can create an opportunity for seniors to engage in conversations, foster social connections, and reduce feelings of isolation. 

The sensory experience of savoring a wide array of delectable treats can evoke cherished memories and create new heartwarming moments, and the relaxed setting of a tea party can encourage active participation, story-sharing, and the formation of lasting bonds.

  1. Browsing Photo Albums & Scrapbooking

Looking through old photos can be a wonderful and nostalgic experience for seniors, allowing them to relive cherished memories with their beloved family and friends. It’s a delightful activity that not only brings joy but can also spark lively conversations and foster meaningful connections. Scrapbooking can be an extension of looking through photo albums that encourages creativity and engagement for both seniors and their families.

  1. Gardening

Gardening can encourage seniors to stay physically active and also provide them with a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature. By tending to plants, seniors can experience the joy of watching their efforts bloom and grow, fostering a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

Moreover, the act of gardening has been found to have health benefits, helping reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Whether it’s planting flowers, cultivating vegetables, or simply spending time in the garden, seniors in memory care may find significant satisfaction in this fulfilling and rewarding hobby.

How Parkdale Senior Living Supports Seniors in Memory Care

Engaging activities for seniors in memory care can provide a variety of benefits, from improved physical and mental health to increased socialization and relaxation. The Parkdale Senior Living & Memory Care is dedicated to providing full care and support for seniors with dementia, and our team can offer a range of services and experiences to meet the needs of your loved one.

With our comprehensive range of creative, physical, social, cognitive, and relaxation activities, we can help seniors in memory care stay active, engaged, and connected to the world around them. Schedule a visit with us today to learn more.

Written by The Parkdale

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