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6 Amenities Veterans Can Expect From Senior Housing Clinton Township

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Making the transition to senior housing in Clinton Township is a major life decision for anyone, but that can be especially true for our nation’s veterans. Finding a place to live, connect, and thrive is so very important! If you or a senior loved one served in the military, you understand the meaning of camaraderie and the significance of being somewhere that truly values community and connection. 

When taking tours of various senior living facilities, there are some key amenities that you should be on the lookout for. After all, you are finding your next home and the place to spend your golden years! All of your needs and wants should be met, no matter how big or small. Veterans will also have specific needs and accommodation that they would like met. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer here at The Parkdale, and just what we can do for our honored veterans.

1.) A Robust Activity Calendar

We strive to create an environment that fosters hospitality and inclusivity, a combination that we hope makes our facility feel like home! One of the ways we do this is by creating an active and robust community calendar. Staying active and making friends is part of what makes moving to a community so special. Join a fitness class, go on a group walk, enjoy an art or music class – there are so many great opportunities to connect and socialize

Also, odds are high that you will meet others who were in the service as well! Across all branches of the military, find fellow military members to reminisce, share stories, and find healing with. The only people who can truly understand what you experienced are those who were in the service as well. Staying in contact with fellow service members has a lot of emotional and social value. 

2.) 24-Hour Staff Coverage and Safety Measures

One of the best parts about moving to our senior housing in Clinton Township is the safety and security that our facility has to offer. In our state of the art facility, we have all of the necessary safety precautions put into place. This includes having grab bars, pull bars, and other hand rails installed throughout various spaces in our community, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. We also have 24-hour staff coverage and a monitored emergency response system at the ready should anything happen. 

Safety can be even more of a priority if you or your senior loved one needs special assistance from our memory care services. When someone has Alzheimer’s or dementia, this can create some special concerns, such as dementia wandering. Knowing that they are closely monitored and can’t leave the facility without supervision can bring around peace of mind to all parties involved.

3.) Fine Dining Experience

In the service, we know you probably ate some pretty rough meals. Between gritty MREs and rudimentary field dinners, you saw your fair share of cuisine that would make Gordan Ramsay shake his head in defeat. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to expect the same from your dining experience at the senior housing in Clinton Township!

One of the most common misconceptions about senior living in general is that the food isn’t very good. Here at The Parkdale, we are pleased to report that we actually are quite proud of what we serve our residents. In fact, we serve three chef-prepared meals every single day. Our menu is specifically designed to be both delicious and nutritious, giving our residents all the vitamins and minerals they need to lead their healthiest lives.

4.) Pet-Friendly Community

It isn’t a secret that pets are a very important part of our family! For seniors who were in the service, many choose to enjoy the companionship of animals such as cats and dogs. Whether that be as licensed and trained service dogs or just as beloved family pets, all are welcome here at The Parkdale. Spending time with animals can be very therapeutic, helping to relieve stress, calm anxiety, and ease the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. 

We would never dream of separating a senior from their pet, so when discussing moving to our facility, make sure to talk with one of our staff members about bringing your critter along, too! We are happy to provide these accommodations to all of our residents.

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5.) Housekeeping and Laundry Services

While you were in the service, we know that a lot was expected from you in regards to keeping your area or space orderly and organized. Odds are good that these habits even carried over into your civilian life afterwards as well. While this is hardly a bad thing, now is the time to rest and relax! That is why our senior housing in Clinton Township features amenities that help take these things off of your plate. Housekeeping, maid, and laundry services are all available here at The Parkdale! This gives you more time to make room for the activities and hobbies that you love. 

6.) On-Site Salon

We know what you might be thinking – an on site salon? Is that an important amenity? Short answer: yes! Your golden years are meant to be spent in luxury and doing the things you enjoy. It also means making time for the things you might have tried previously, such as pampering yourself! This isn’t your Joe average trip to the army barber, however. Our salon is there for haircuts, colors, and a wide range of other amazing services. You deserve to give yourself a treat!

Senior Housing in Clinton Township

As a senior and a veteran, we know that transitioning to senior living comes with a lot of questions about benefits, payment, and accommodations. Contact us today to not only take a tour of our community, but also to talk with one of our helpful staff members. They can help you navigate some of these concerns and get you started in the right direction! We can’t wait to see you around The Parkdale very soon.

Written by The Parkdale

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