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Outfit Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

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A senior woman wearing a white t-shirt and a dark grey sweater as she sits and sips a cup of coffee.

Fashion should never be restricted by age or circumstances. As a senior in your life transitions into assisted living facilities, maintaining a sense of style and personal expression becomes even more crucial. However, comfort should always be included in the discussion. It can be extremely helpful to prioritize things like:

  • Layering clothes 
  • Utilizing accessories
  • Remembering practical footwear
  • Looking for adaptive clothing to make it easier to change

By consciously choosing outfit ideas that are both practical and personalizable, you can be confident that your loved one is comfortable and happy, no matter where they live.

What Should Seniors Wear?

Seniors in assisted living should have access to a variety of options that cater to different situations. From casual loungewear to formal ensembles, having several options for different situations is an excellent way to be able to transition from activity to activity and retain comfort.

It helps to choose several options made from breathable fabrics when considering loungewear so that your loved one can mix and match their preferred clothes as they see fit. And when considering more formal attire, it can help to choose things like:

  • Well-fitting jeans for a universal pant option
  • Button-up shirts that can be worn on their own or with a jacket or blazer
  • Nice blouses, which can be dressed up or down depending on the situation

By choosing options that can be applied to different situations as your loved one prefers, your loved one will be able to change their wardrobe as they see fit to meet their needs.

Layering Clothes

One of the most practical approaches for seniors in assisted living is to embrace the art of layering clothes. Having the ability to change layers, like adding a sweater or removing a heavy shirt, offers convenience and flexibility for comfort options. 

This can allow your loved one to easily adjust their attire according to their environment. It helps to consider things like:

  • Lightweight cardigans
  • Button-up shirts
  • Soft pullovers
  • Comfortable pants or skirts

This offers versatility to their daily outfits, allowing them to change them as needed to stay comfortable while still keeping their own personal style!

Utilizing Accessories

When it comes to adding a more personalized touch to an outfit, accessories are often overlooked. However, they can act as a wonderful way for seniors in assisted living to add a little piece of their unique personality to their clothes, allowing them to express their individuality in fashionable and fun ways.

Maybe your loved one has a necklace they’ve always loved or a ring that they’ve had for years. Encourage your loved one to express themselves and show a little piece of their personality with a nice accessory.

It isn’t just rings and necklaces, though—you can also look for things like:

  • Scarves
  • Hats, both formal and practical
  • Stylish glasses or other eyewear
  • Earrings

The Importance of Practical Footwear

One of the simplest ways to improve a person’s daily life is through the use of proper, practical footwear. Choosing the right shoes is essential—a good pair can last for years and provide comfort rarely found in poor-quality options. 

A good pair of practical shoes should offer support, stability, comfort, and ease of use. This means that there are some things to look for in a shoe, like:

For more relaxed options, you can look for a comfortable pair of sandals or sneakers with proper support. By choosing the right pair of shoes for their needs, you can give them the confidence to move about through the day comfortably and safely.

How to Dress in Assisted Living

It’s a common experience to begin to lose flexibility and mobility as you age, and this can make some outfits more difficult to put on or take off—even if your loved one lives in assisted living. This is when adaptive clothing can be beneficial. It can help to look for options that are designed to be senior-friendly with adaptations that make them easier to wear.

It can be beneficial to look for options like:

  • Magnetic clasps to avoid needing too much hand strength when securing a garment
  • Elastic waistbands for maximum comfort
  • Velcro fastenings to avoid complicated hand motions

By choosing an option that suits your loved one’s capabilities, you can make it easier for them to change their outfits independently. This can even lead to a sense of independence and empowerment while still allowing them to maintain their own personal style.

A senior woman sitting by herself on a chair wearing a grey zipper and light beige cotton pants.

Assisted Living for Your Family

As your loved one ages, it’s perfectly natural for them to need a little more help occasionally. And sometimes, they may need an advanced level of care from a team of caring and trained professionals. This is when assisted or independent living becomes an excellent choice. In these communities, seniors can receive help with all their daily needs—even things like choosing an outfit for the day!

To speak with a team of caring, experienced individuals about assisted living, schedule a visit with us at The Parkdale Senior Living and Memory Care today, or contact us for more information.

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