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What to Do If Only One Parent Needs Assisted Living?

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Your partner is generally one of your strongest support systems, which can become even more true as you grow older and continue to rely on them more heavily for emotional and physical support.

As your parents age, their needs may change, and it can come to a point where one parent can no longer provide the support needed for the other, making it worthwhile to consider getting more support with assisted living. 

Learn more about how assisted living can help your parents by booking a visit at The Parkdale Senior Living & Memory Care and speaking with one of our friendly staff. 

When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living?

Assisted living is offered to older adults who may face difficulties performing the daily tasks needed to lead a healthy and happy life. The goal of assisted living is to help remove some of this stress, making it easier for your parents to pursue their interests and not have to worry about everyday household chores. 

Here are some signs that it may be time to consider assisted living: 

  • A recent fall or injury has taken place
  • Slow recovery from an illness
  • Serious weight loss 
  • Poor maintenance of their house
  • Poor personal hygiene 
  • A loss of independence 
  • Loss of a partner 

For parents living together, sometimes it falls on one to help care for the other, leading to exhaustion, anxiety, and sleep issues due to the added stress. 

Suppose your parent has started to show any of these signs or can’t provide the support needed. In that case, it may be time to consider assisted living and getting the support offered at a community like The Parkdale Senior Living & Memory Care

Can Your Parents Stay Together? 

When determining if your parents can stay together when joining a senior living community, it’s important to decide on their needs and the type of support that they will need. We recommend having an open conversation with your parents and asking what they may want help with and what kind of senior living community can provide it. 

Discuss with the senior living community of your choice whether partners or spouses are able to live together while in the community. Many communities offer accommodations and are happy to work with you to help your parents maintain happy lives.

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What to Do If They Can’t Stay Together? 

If your parents cannot stay together, reassuring them they will have plenty of opportunities to see each other is important. Here are some tips for helping them to feel comfortable about living independently:

  • Create a schedule for regular visits with each other 
  • Arrange transportation options for visiting 
  • Set up phone calls or video calling 
  • Have them send letters 

Tips for Helping Your Parents Accept Assisted Living

Choosing to join a senior living community can be a difficult decision and may take an adjustment period. Here are some tips for helping your parents to learn more about senior living and the benefits it can provide:

  • Please don’t force the decision and give them time to think
  • Show them you care and listen to their concerns 
  • Discuss the benefits and peace of mind that may come with joining a community
  • Give them control over the decision
  • Find friends or family members that may be in senior living communities and can share their experiences 
  • Book a tour and visit one of the communities you’re interested in

Types of Assisted Living Communities

Many different types of assisted living communities can provide different services and amenities that are helpful to the safety and enjoyment of your loved ones. Here are a few of the different kinds of communities:

Senior Living

Senior living and independent living situations allow your parents to enjoy life without the hassle of needing to worry about the daily chores that go into running a household. For example, some services we provide at The Parkdale Senior Living & Memory Care include housekeeping, medication management, and group activities to enjoy. 

Memory Care 

Memory care can be a great option for someone that has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and wants memory care support to help enrich their life. At The Parkdale, our spaces are meticulously designed to help minimize confusion and make it easier for our community members to lead healthy and happy lives. 

Respite Care  

Respite care can be the perfect opportunity for older adults looking for short-term care or a chance to experience life in an assisted living community. 

Hospice Care

Hospice care is generally offered to older adults that are terminally ill and works to help manage symptoms and provide comfort where possible. It prioritizes quality of life and reduces any discomfort your loved one may be experiencing.  

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At The Parkdale Senior Living & Memory Care, our trained staff is dedicated to providing services we can to make your loved ones feel happy and comfortable in our community. Please book a visit today and see all the amenities that we have to offer. 

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